This site is purely a test bed for playing with WORDPRESS.COM (not wordpress.org, that test site is somewhere else).

There are a few posts and not much else going on here and there is no cookie tracking or any other information collected. We do however record visitor numbers (you) and where you visit from just to see if anybody actually finds these pages! The website is indexed on search engines just to see how the search results show how this site has been found. To that end we have put our names in some of the articles to make it a little bit easier so it returns some sort of search result with a very specific measure. Rather than attracting visitors using SEO techniques to target visitors who would accidentally visit looking for something else. Nor is the site for product or service targeting, this site is neither of those things nor a marketing black-hat SEO trick. There aren’t even any inbound or outbound links to or from this site.

If you are reading this page you are curious to see what this site is all about, well… We are testing compliance and various other aspects of concern to web users and the general public as we go, and this is the only page with any meaningful content (at the moment), not taking away form the nice articles people have written and have posted here already.

This website largely sits idle for periods of time with little or no activity until somebody comes along and wants to make a project out of something.

Visitors (You) can comment on the posts or news articles, but if you do they will be moderated (by me) and you will be leaving some record of your visit even if that is your name or email address whether you mask that data or not. Or simply you will be leaving your opinion. Keep it Clean and completely child friendly! Keep your comments general. Please avoid potentially slanderous comments or criticism of others or institutions, that is likely to offend no matter how innocent it may seem, no matter how strongly you feel about something that you are aggrieved or motivated by. Definitely no bullying or trolling! I’m not promising I will publish any comments in any given time frame so the pace of activity here is glacial, so keep that in mind if you post something as it could be there for a long time.

The longer term view is that we would like to add to the quantity and number of pages and topics on this site and  post resources here for translator training purposes. Specifically towards productivity, efficiency and overall self improvement, and as a resource for using systems translators will come across. Specifically filling a gap between education, work place and buyers seeking translation services.

A much bigger plan is that on this site we would like to include a forum for translator job postings (outsourcing) in a public and open manner, GDPR and various other considerations taken into account.

If you want to play around with this site or test localized (should that be with an s or z do you think ?) versions purely for fun, as a linguist or a techie then contact me, there is something for everybody.

On a technical side and in the spirit of overall long term development; we (I) have projects that involve, Python, Ruby, Java, C++, .NET,  PHP (wordpress applications), HTML, CSS and would require integrating with databases using JQuery, MySQL, Postgres etc… We’ve even played with manipulating AI.

On other levels we have many digital based (non software development) projects that can be done in house working diretly with us, on anything from learning how to use different CMSs like Joomla, WordPress or Silverstripe, to designing logos and manipulating images using Adobe’s creative suite or desk top publishing applications, to wordpress/CMS proficiency; integrating off the shelf applications such as shopfronts and product pages, SEO, digital marketing, using google ads or analytics.

If business and management is your thing we have deep operational integrations; working with complex TMS to manage translation workflows, ISO/EN projects, Quality control & data analytics or end user support for complex IT systems used in the translation industry, CRM, HRM, even technical stuff in excel or writing XML!, as well as IT based roles using Microsoft and Linux mixed infrastructure systems. The list is almost endless …

There is always an opening for nice customer facing sales staff and project managers.

If you want to work in this industry and you are reading this page, if you think you want to make a start, then reach out!

Fancy yourself as a blogger, want to write content? We can set you to work on different projects. We have hundreds of articles that need to be written and posted for us and for our customers too in loads of languages.

Talk to you soon hopefully, if you visited this page and responded be sure to let me know 🙂 , because as I’ve said, I’m not tracking you !

Ronan Power


We make no excuses for nor try to hide the fact that this site is wholly supported and funded by translation.ie, at least for the present until i get more time to work on it….

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